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Biological Control
71, 2014; Pages: 715

Potential biocontrol Bacillus sp. strains isolated by an improved method from vinegar waste compost exhibit antibiosis against fungal pathogens and promote growth of cucumbers

Ying Lina, Daolin Dub, Chuncan Sib, Qingsong Zhaoa, Zhiguo Lic, Pingping Lia, d

Key Laboratory of Modern Agricultural Equipment and Technology, Ministry of Education and Jiangsu Province, Institute of Agricultural Engineering of Jiangsu University, 212013 Zhenjiang, China.


An in vitro antagonism test is a typical procedure for the selection of potential biocontrol strains. However, the traditional method of screening antagonistic bacteria in vitro is a time consuming method when conducting large-scale screening trials. In this study, an improved method for the selection of antagonistic bacteria in vitro from compost was established based on the traditional method. 21 Antagonistic bacteria out of 33 target strains isolated from vinegar waste compost using the improved method. The 16S rDNA gene showed the 21 strains all belonged to the Bacillus genus and 18 different types of fingerprints were obtained by enterobacterial repetitive inter-genic consensus (ERIC)-PCR. 18 Selected strains which had the unique fingerprints all exhibited broad-spectrum antagonism towards the tested fungi and at least two enzyme activities in vitro. Among them, majority of the isolates were siderophore producer, some of them showed nitrogen-fixing ability and small of them were IAA producer. Four out of five selected strains were found both to be effective in controlling wilt and damping-off disease and four strains showed strong growth-promoting activities for cucumber seedlings under greenhouse conditions. Thus, these results demonstrated that the improved method was an effective and rapid means to screen potential antagonistic microorganisms in vitro. The results also showed that Bacillus sp. strains in vinegar waste compost exhibited antibiosis against fungal pathogens and promoted the growth of cucumber seedlings.

Keywords: Isolate; Bacillus; Compost; Biological control; Growth-promotion.


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