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Smart Agrochemicals for Sustainable Agriculture
2022, Pages 185-224

Novel trends in crop bioprotection

Izabela Michalaka, Jasmina Alimanb

Department of Advanced Material Technologies, Faculty of Chemistry, Wrocław University of Science and Technology, Wrocław, Poland.


All crop production can be susceptible to a variety of diseases, insects, and weeds. Some of them can damage plants, reduce their yield, while others can attack vegetables, fruit, ornamental plants leaving them unattractive and unmarketable. In the present chapter we focused on the novel trends in crop bioprotection which include biochemical pesticides, microbial pesticides, and plant-incorporated protectants. The examples of biopreparations (e.g., nematicide, fungicide, insecticide and acaricide, herbicide, bactericide) in the biocontrol of pests in the cultivation of vegetables, in orchards and ornamental plants are provided. The challenge is to find, adopt, and develop and finally to use a new generation of so-called green pesticides. They need to fulfill the most important conditions in order to be called the “green,” so must be safe for the environment and human, biodegradable and effective in their primary use, the plant protection.

Keywords: Plant protection productsgreen pesticidesvegetablesfruitornamental plants.

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