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Acta Astronautica
Vol. 139, 2017, Pages: 222-227

Change of growth promotion and disease resistant of wheat seedling by application of biocontrol bacterium Pseudochrobactrum kiredjianiae A4 under simulated microgravity

Yuming Fu,Han Gao, Hongyan Li, Youcai Qin,Wen Tang,Jinying Lu, Ming Li, Lingzhi Shao, Hong Liu

Institute of Environmental Biology and Life Support Technology, School of Biological Science and Medical Engineering, Beihang University, Beijing, China.


Plant disease control and prevention in microgravity are critical for space plant cultivation. This study investigated the effects of a biocontrol bacterium Pseudochrobactrum kiredjianiaeA4 on growth development and antifungal potential of wheat seedlings under simulated microgravity. The growth, antioxidant status and plant immune hormone of both non-infected and infected wheat seedlings were detected before and after inoculation of A4 strains under simulated microgravity condition (μG) and ground condition (1G). Our results showed that bacteria A4 promoted wheat growth by increasing root length and biomass accumulation and meanwhile enhancing fungal disease resistance through improving the antioxidant enzyme activities and plant hormone secretion. Moreover, A4 exhibited a weaker promotion ability on wheat biomass accumulation and disease resistance under μG condition compared to that under 1G. These results not only expand our understanding of the impact of microgravity on plant-microbe interaction, but also provide valuable insights into using plant beneficial microbes for plant cultivation and crop protection in space.

Keywords: Simulated microgravity, Biocontrol, Low temperature adapted bacteria, Wheat seedlings.

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