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European Food Research and Technology

Screening of antimicrobial compounds against Salmonellaty phimurium from burdock (Arctium lappa) leaf based on metabolomics

Yuxia Tang, Zaixiang Lou, Lu Yang, Hongxin Wang

State Key Laboratory of Dairy Biotechnology, Technology Center of Bright Dairy and Food Company ltd., Shanghai, 200436, People’s Republic of China.


The aim of this study was to investigate the antimicrobial activity of burdock leaf and screen the antimicrobial compounds from burdock leaf based on metabolomics. The crystal violet assay indicated that 34 % ethanol elution fraction of burdock leaf could completely inhibit biofilm formation of Salmonellaty phimurium at a concentration of 1 mg/ml. Then, the chemical composition of burdock leaf fraction was analyzed by UPLC–MS, and 10 active compounds (chlorogenic acid, caffeic acid, p-coumaric acid, quercetin, ursolic acid, rutin, luteolin, crocin, benzoic acid, tenacissoside I) were identified. Lastly, UPLC–MS analysis was applied to obtain the metabolic fingerprints of burdock leaf fractions before and after inhibiting the biofilm of S. phimurium. The metabolic fingerprints were transformed into data with the software MarkerLynx and analyzed with principle component analysis and partial least squares discriminant analysis. Then, 43 variables were screened as potential anti-biofilm ingredients. Among them, chlorogenic acid and quercetin were confirmed as potential anti-biofilm compounds in burdock leaf. It provided data basic for the study of anti-biofilm compounds in burdock leaves, as well as provided a new and convenient method for fast screening of anti-biofilm ingredients from natural plants.

Keywords: Screening Anti-biofilm compounds Burdock leaf Metabolomics Principle component analysis.

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