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Biotechnology Reports
Vol. 1-2, 2014, Pages: 27

Isolation and partial purification of erythromycin from alkaliphilic Streptomyces werraensis isolated from Rajkot, India

Gaurav V. Sanghvi, Dipak Ghevariya, Subhash Gosai, Riddhi Langa, Niketa Dhaduk, Prashant D. Kunjadia, Devendra J. Vaishnav, Gaurav S. Dave

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Saurashtra University, Rajkot, India.


An alkaliphilic actinomycete, BCI-1, was isolated from soil samples collected from Saurashtra University campus, Gujarat. Isolated strain was identified as Streptomyces werraensis based on morphological, biochemical and phylogenetic analysis. Maximum antibiotic production was obtained in media containing sucrose 2%, Yeast extract 1.5%, and NaCl 2.5% at pH 9.0 for 7 days at 30 °C. Maximum inhibitory compound was produced at pH 9 and at 30 °C. FTIR revealed imine, amine, alkane (Cdouble bond; length as m-dashC) of aromatic ring and p-di substituted benzene, whereas HPLC analysis of partially purified compound and library search confirmed 95% peaks matches with erythromycin. Chloroform extracted isolated compound showed MIC values 1 μg/ml against Bacillus subtilis, ≤0.5 μg/ml against Staphylococcus aureus, ≤0.5 μg/ml against Escherichia coli and 2.0 μg/ml against Serretia GSD2 sp., which is more effective in comparison to ehtylacetate and methanol extracted compounds. The study holds significance as only few alkaliphilic actinomycetes have been explored for their antimicrobial potential.

Keywords: Actinomycetes; Streptomyces; Erythromycin; Fermentation.

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