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Nanoscale Graphitic Carbon Nitride
2022, 277-300

Graphitic carbon nitride-based composites and their antimicrobial potentials

Saravanavadivu Arunachalama, Nurul Izrini Ikhsanb,c

Department of Chemistry, School of Advanced Sciences, Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education, Krishnankoil, India.


There is a constant urge for achieving vitality, clearner surroundings and wellbeing of the society through scientific research. To achieve that photocatalysis provides a greater scope for environmental remediation of organic and inorganic wastes. Graphitic carbon nitride has also the potential to act as photocatalyst due to its bandgap behaviour and tendency to form polymeric nanostructures. These properties can be utilized to design and apply them for disinfection purposes. A significant number of reports are available about the antibacterial property of g-C3N4-based materials. A brief survey about the same has been carried out in this chapter. Two variants of the material, namely metal incorporated and metal-free nanocomposites of g-C3N4 have been designed and experimented for antimicrobial applications. There is limited reports available about the antiviral and algaecidal activity of this material. Future research may focus on the areas not covered in this regard.

Keywords: Graphitic carbon nitride, Composite materials, Photocatalytic disinfection, Microbicidal property, Environmental remediation.

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