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Applied Food Research
Volume 2 (1), 2022, 100042

A comprehensive review on the application of essential oils as bioactive compounds in Nano-emulsion based edible coatings of fruits and vegetables

Vinay Kumar Pandeya,d, Rayees Ul Islamb

Department of Bioengineering, Integral University, Lucknow, UP, India.


Consumption of fruits is rapidly increasing due to high nutritional properties. Fresh fruits provide all the necessary supplements like fibre, vitamins, etc which are lacking these days in routine diet. Due to less shelf stability market faces a high quantitative and economic loss. Research are being performed to provide a permanent and effective solution to this social stumbling block. In this context, edible coatings have proven themselves an effective primary packaging material in delaying ripening process with maintained nutritional properties. Furthermore, it was observed that the effectiveness of edible coatings was significantly improved by incorporating active components like essential oil into it. The essential oils (EO) exhibit antioxidant and antimicrobial properties thus are being used in nanoemulsions form for active delivery of properties. This unification aims to retain the freshness of fruits by preserving and protecting the shelf stability for as long as possible. This article gives the insight about the potential benefits of essential oil based nanoemulsions and their potential applications in fruits and vegetables.

Keywords: Edible coating, Essential oil, Nanoemulsion, Shelf life, Food quality.

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