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Developmental & Comparative Immunology
Vol. 64, 2016, Pages: 3–10

Exploring interactions between pathogens and the Drosophila gut

Rupal Mistry, Ilias Kounatidis, Petros Ligoxygakis

Cell Biology, Development and Genetics Lab, Department of Biochemistry, University of Oxford, South Park Rd, OX1 3QU Oxford, UK.


Gastrointestinal infection can provoke substantial disturbance at both a local as well as at a systemic level and may evolve into a chronic disease state. Our growing knowledge of gut-pathogen interactions has been based to a large extent on the use of genetically tractable model hosts such as the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster. In this review we will summarise the growing literature and critically address the advantages and disadvantages of using this model to extrapolate results from studying pathogen virulence and intestinal responses to humans.

Keywords: Drosophila; Gut; Pathogens; Innate immunity; Host-pathogen interaction; Model organism.

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