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Principles and Applications of Environmental Biotechnology for a Sustainable Future
2016, Pages: 365-391

Environmental Control of Biotechnology Industries

Rajesh Sharma, Rishi Srivastva, Kartikeya Shukla, S. P. Tiwari

Department of Biotechnology, VBS Purvanchal University, Jaunpur, 222003, India.


Population explosion leads to deterioration and degradation of environment due to industrialization, urbanization, and agricultural practices. Industrial growth, economic development, urbanization, consumerization, etc. took place over last few decades to meet out the demand of growing population. All these activities result into generation of waste in enormous amount which is highly variable in nature. The nature of these wastes are simple organic compound to hazardous toxics materials using GMOs in industrial processing to produce desired products which involve different containment levels. Sustainable development includes the environment, economy, and community. It has become imperative to consider economic prosperity in such an integrated manner that social development is on one hand while environment protection on the other. There are various issues associated which greatly affect the sustainable development. These are regulation, planning, technological advancement assessment, globalization, and problems of developing countries. Environmental aspect of sustainable development and applications of technology must accept the recently implemented ambitious project CDM (Clean Development Mission) by the Government of India, wherein clean technology in general and green chemistry and white biotechnology in particular can make remarkable contribution toward the sustainable development. Wastes must be treated properly before disposing to the environment. Tools and techniques of biotechnology has given new impetus and opened new vistas in pollution control. Biosensors play critical role in detecting the pollutants even at very low concentration to assess the risk level.

Keywords: Environmental control, Industrial wastes, GMOs.

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