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Research in Biotechnology
Vol. 5, No: 1, 2014, Pages:

Lignin database for diversity of lignin degrading microbial enzymes (LD2L)

Arumugam, N.; Kalavathi, P.; Mahalingam, P. U



Lignin is the second most abundant constituent of the plant cell wall, where it protects cellulose against hydrolytic attack by saprophytic and pathogenic microbes. Lignin degradation plays a major role in carbon recycling in the ecosystem as well as convert plant biomass for second generation biofuel (ethanol) production. This environmentally recalcitrant organic material has been degraded by different microorganisms like, Bacteria, Fungi and Actinomycetes and they are capable of producing various degrading enzymes such as, Aryl oxidase, β-Glucosidse, Cellulase, Endoglucanase, Glycerol oxidase, Hemicellulase, Lignin peroxidase (LiP), Laccase, Manganese peroxidase, Oxylate decarboxylase and Xylanase. But the degradation process is controversial against different lignin due to its complex structure and bonding to carbohydrate complexes. To address this issue, we developed a lignin degrading microbial enzymes database which gives overall information about the diversity of lignin degrading enzymes of reported microbes. 


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