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Chemical Engineering Journal
Volume 390, 2020, 124584

Recent advances in microbial CO2 fixation and conversion to value-added products

Hossein Salehizadeh, NingYan, Ramin Farnood

Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry, University of Toronto, 200 College St., Toronto, Ontario M5S 3E5, Canada.


Increasing CO2 levels in atmosphere has led to the unprecedented climate change in recent years. Conventional methods for CO2 capture are often cost inefficient, unsafe and result in secondary pollution in environment. Many microorganisms can assimilate CO2 as sole carbon source and convert it into valuable products. Recently, the microbial CO2 fixation techniques have been attracting much attention for reducing greenhouse gases and subsequent production of value-added products. The present review deals with introducing of recent advances and biotechnological importance of microbial CO2 fixation, as well as conversion into precursors and commodity chemicals. Aspects including microbial CO2 fixation techniques, microorganisms involving in CO2 fixation, biosynthesis pathways and role of genetic and metabolic engineering, microbial conversion of CO2 to various metabolites and high value bio-based products, and emerging industrial application fields of CO2 capture are summarized and presented.

Keywords: Bioconversion, Bioelectrochemical, CO2 capture, Metabolic pathway, Microbial fixation, Microorganisms, Value-added products.

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