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LWT - Food Science and Technology
Vol. 58, No.
2, 2014, Pages: 404–411

Synergistic effect of carbon dioxide atmospheres and high hydrostatic pressure to reduce spoilage bacteria on poultry sausages

A. Al-Nehlawi, S. Guri, B. Guamis, J. Saldo



Synergistic effect of combining high hydrostatic pressure (HHP) and CO2 atmospheres has been studied against Leuconostoc carnosum, Brochothrix thermosphacta, Salmonella enteritidis, Campylobacter jejuni and Listeria innocua separately inoculated in poultry sausages. The microbial counts of the HHP treated samples (350 MPa 10 min at room temperature) and CO2 atmosphere packaged were compared with non pressure treated and air packaged ones, analyzed at 20 h and 7 days after the treatment. The results showed a synergistic effect of the combination of these two preserving technologies against all the microorganisms studied, except in S. enteritidis which showed a greater resistance under CO2 atmospheres, and C. jejuni, that is especially sensitive at high pressures. It seems that cell damage produced by high pressure facilitates the penetration of carbon dioxide into the microorganisms' cells, affecting their metabolism and consequently their growth. Using CO2 atmospheres in combination with HHP treatments, pressure could be lowered without compromising the reduction of microbial counts

Keywords: High hydrostatic pressure; Carbon dioxide; Modified atmosphere packaging; Synergistic effect; Poultry meat.

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