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International Journal of Food Microbiology
Volume 275, 2018, Pages: 32-38

Microbial composition of spoiled industrial-scale Sichuan paocai and characteristics of the microorganisms responsible for paocai spoilage

Feng Zhang, Yao Tanga, Yao Ren, Kai Yao, Qiang He, Yuping Wan, Yuanlong Chi

Department of Food Engineering, Sichuan University, Chengdu 610065, PR China.


The microorganisms of spoiled industrial-scale Sichuan paocai (ISSP) were isolated using six types of media, and 16S rRNA and 26S rRNA gene sequence analyses were used to identify the isolates. Meanwhile, the microbial composition was investigated using a culture-independent method through 16S rRNA and ITS sequencing on an Illumina MiSeq platform. The results obtained by these two methods were compared. Furthermore, characteristics of the isolated microorganisms responsible for ISSP spoilage were studied. Sixty-two strains belonging to twenty-three species, including three ammonia-producing genera, two gas-producing genera, two pectinase-producing genera, two cellulase-producing genera, three film-producing genera and one slime-producing genus, were isolated. LactobacillusBacillusDebaryomyces and Kazachstania were the dominant genera as confirmed through both culture-dependent and culture-independent methods. BacillusPaenibacillusPichia and Debaryomyces could be the main microorganisms responsible for ISSP spoilage. Bac. licheniformis was closely correlated with the off-flavour of ISSP. Pae. peoriaeBac. stratosphericusBac. toyonensis and Bac. cereus were responsible for tissue softening, and Bac. subtilisBac. methylotrophicusPic. membranifaciens and Deb. hansenii caused film formation.

Keywords: Paocai, Spoilage, Microbial composition, Off-flavour, Tissue softening, Film formation.

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