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Folia Microbiologica
57, No. 2, 2012; Pages: 99 - 105

Bio-protective potential of lactic acid bacteria isolated from fermented wax gourd

Wei-tse Lan, Yi-sheng Chen, Hui-chung Wu, Fujitoshi Yanagida

Department of Biotechnology, Ming Chuan University, No. 5 De-Ming Road, Gui-Shan Township, Taoyuan County, 333, Taiwan

The antifungal activities of 85 lactic acid bacteria strains isolated from fermented wax gourd against the four fungal species, Penicillium oxalicum, Aspergillus flavus, Aspergillus sydowii, and Mucor racemosus, were determined. Inhibitory activity against at least one or more fungal species was observed with 27 Weissella cibaria and 11 Weissella paramesenteroides strains. Among these strains, W. cibaria 861006 and W. paramesenteroides 860509 showed greater inhibitory activities and were therefore selected for further analysis. The results suggested that the antifungal activities were originated from the organic acids produced by W. cibaria 861006 and W. paramesenteroides 860509. The application tests indicated that the growth of P. oxalicum could be effectively inhibited by W. cibaria 861006 for 6 days on grape surfaces. However, W. paramesenteroides 860509 could only remain its inhibition effect for 48 h. The findings obtained in this study suggest the potential use of W. cibaria 861006 as a bio-protective agent against fungi for agricultural purposes or ready-to-eat fresh fruit and vegetable products.




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