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Image of the Week


Week 09 (28 - 06)

This image shows a smooth colony of Vibrio cholerae (left) next to a rough colony formed at 37C (right).

Image credit: Santos et al. CC BY 4.0.


Week 08 (21 - 27)

Airyscan super-resolution image shows that fucose-containing sulphated polysaccharide, or FCSP, (in green) occurred around the cells of the chain-forming diatom Chaetoceros socialis and their spines. Sample collected during the 2016 spring diatom bloom period in Helgoland.

Image credit: Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology/S. Vidal-Melgosa.


Week 07 (14 - 20)

A microscopic view of green algae cultivated from cloud water collected from the summit of puy de Dôme mountain in France.

Image credit: Kevin P. Dillon.


Week 06 (07 - 13)

Image credit: Research conducted by microbial ecologists in Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences aims to help farmers rebuild healthy soil microbiomes after a soil-clearing event.

Image credit: Pexels.


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