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Image of the Week

March 2017

Week 12 (19 - 25)

After feeding C. elegans worms an equal mix of bacteria that express either red or green fluorescent protein, MIT researchers found that the microbial populations in the worms digestive tracts tend to become dominated by one or the other.

Image Credit: Nicole Vega

Week 11 (12 - 18)

Rice University researchers detailed the structure of an Orsay virus protein that gathers into fibers and mediates host cell entry, thereby infecting the cell. The head domain of the CP-delta fiber recognizes a host cell receptor to enable virus attachment and host cell entry. The cell receptor for Orsay, which has not yet been identified, is shown as a transmembrane protein. At right are two Orsay particles without CP-delta fibers that cannot attach to and infect host cells.

Image Credit: Tao Laboratory/Zhong Lab/Rice University

Week 10 (05 - 11)

Complete capsid of bacteriophage P22 generated with validated atomic models that were derived from the high-resolution cryoEM density map.

Image Credit: C.Hryc and the Chiu Lab

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