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Current Opinion in Insect Science
Vol. 40, 2020, Pages: 111-116

New discoveries and applications of mosquito fungal pathogens

Danyu Shen Karani TNyawira, Ai Xia

College of Plant Protection, Nanjing Agricultural University, Nanjing, China.


Mosquitoes are a major threat to human health globally because they transmit infectious diseases, such as malaria, lymphatic filariasis, and arboviruses. The conventional mosquito control efforts, based on synthetic insecticides, have been compromised owing to the eventual development of insecticide resistance and the adverse environmental impacts of insecticides. Alternative eco-friendly approaches using entomopathogenic fungi to alleviate vector-borne disease burden have gained an increasing interest because of their selective specificity and environmental safety. Existing literature revealed an enormous potential of microbial agents for the biocontrol of mosquitoes. With the advances in genetic recombination and transformation techniques, genetically engineered fungal biopesticides showed promising efficacy against insecticide-resistant mosquitoes. In this article, we elaborate on the important mosquito fungal and oomycota pathogens as potential biocontrol agents and infection mechanism through oral ingestion. Recent advances on the secreted effectors for suppression of host immunity and progress on the development of transgenic mosquito-killing fungi were discussed.

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