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Trends in Biotechnology
27, No. 4, 2009; Pages: 190 - 198

Innovative applications for insect viruses: towards insecticide sensitization

Bruno Lapied, Cédric Pennetier, Véronique Apaire-Marchais, Patricia Licznar, Vincent Corbel

Laboratoire RCIM UPRES EA 2647/USC INRA 2023, IFR 149 QUASAV, 49045 Angers cedex, France.


The effective management of emerging insect-borne disease is dependent on the use of safe and efficacious chemical insecticides. Given the inherent ability of insects to develop resistance, it is essential to propose innovative strategies because insecticides remain the most important element of integrated approaches to vector control. Recently, intracellular phosphorylation and dephosphorylation of membrane receptors and ion channels targeted by insecticides have been described as new processes for increasing the sensitivity of insecticides. An efficient method might be to infect host insects with recombinant viruses overexpressing specific protein phosphatases/kinases known to regulate specific insecticide-sensitive targets. This attractive strategy could lead to sensitization of the insects, thus reducing the doses of insecticides and increasing the efficacy of treatments.




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